Highlight: Godsfall

//Highlight: Godsfall

Today’s highlight is Godsfall: Swords & Superheroes. Godsfall is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition actual-play podcast.

HIghlight Godsfall - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsGodsfall is probably the heaviest-edited podcast I’ve ever listened to, which also makes it one of the most fascinating actual-play podcasts to listen to. When the scene is set near a harbour, you can hear the sound of seagulls, the sea-water lapping against the docks, and various conversational mumble. I love that Godsfall really sets every scene with that much auditory detail.

Godfall also does this cool thing where they have a buzzer sound every time they make a rule error and a chime sound every time they correctly describe a rule. I’m not far enough in the podcast to see whether or not they continue this endlessly, but I really like the idea of this. It’s really helpful for people who haven’t played DnD and are interested in trying it out or for people who are currently playing and don’t necessarily know all the rules yet.

The World of Godsfall

Highlight Godsfall - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsThe world in which Godsfall is set is a completely unique and original creation. Aram, the GM, went into so much work inventing this insanely detailed world. There are entire episodes dedicated to the history of the world! Don’t feel like listening? On the website, they have an entire section dedicated to a written history, timeline, calendar, and so much more. It’s incredible, baffling, and just plain impressive how much thought has gone into the world of Godsfall.

The GM, Aram

Where do I even begin? Aram is the genius behind the world and the screen. Aram is not only an excellent story-teller, but is a fantastic orator. He does a brilliant job at really pulling the listener into his stories. Aram’s choices of music and sound effects, as I mention earlier, really make the world feel real. He always sounds at ease and has a great flow between role-play, story-telling, and dice-rolling.

The Players

The players of Godsfall (Doug, Kay, Michael, Stephen, and Kelly) are all excellent players. They mesh well together as a group, but they’re obviously well-practiced in both play and recording. They improv well and there isn’t a lot of talking over each other. I love the balance of their choices and Aram’s choices blended together. There’s obviously a lot of backstory and a plan of where things might, but it doesn’t feel forced or railroaded. You can tell that the players have a lot of freedom  and that the choices they make actually impact the world in a creative way.

There’s a Kickstarter!

Godsfall has just launched a Kickstarter for their Worldbook, and in three days they have already been fully funded. This is really exciting for Godsfall fans, because it means that you can run a campaign in the Godsfall World, which if you’re already a listener you’ll know how fully developed it is.


Godsfall is great. So stop reading, and go listen to them now. I’m on Episode 10, so I’m off to catch up to 40 too. Happy listening!

(*Please note the artwork above belongs exclusively to Godsfall.)