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Session Zero


As a GM, I love running a Session Zero at the start of a new game. As a player, I love it even more. I believe that having a Session Zero is integral to a successful start to any RPG. What is a Session Zero? This is pre-game territory, which is what makes it so [...]

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Safe Space


Safe space in gaming is an incredibly important thing that I think a lot of us take for granted, especially when playing with friends that we know so well. Today I'm highlighting a specific "rule" that I recently came across, and also credit fully to @IAmKevinBates. A Bit of Background Kevin reached out to the Twitterverse [...]

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NPCs in Universe


Often when running a campaign, especially in a setting such as the Star Wars universe, I forget that there is a chance that my players might not be as big of a Star Wars fan as I am. In game, I'll introduce them to a new NPC, provide his or her name, their race, and to [...]

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