The Leviathan Files

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“The Leviathan Files is a Mass Effect D20 AP podcast. Just wrapping the third season and about to enter the fourth and final season. Join the party as they investigate missing documents, botched government programs, and terrifying aberrations. In the year 2186, Commander Sela Shepard activated the Crucible over planet Earth, destroying the Reaper threat to galactic life. Five years of reconstruction later, and a new threat looms on the horizon. Documents detailing the origin of the reapers and citing the technological gains discovered by Cerberus fanatics have gone missing just as a rise in political pressure from a joint alliance of Batarian, Vorcha, and Yahg threatens to disrupt Council programs to reconnect the Mass Relays which greatly facilitate galactic travel. To those with sufficient clearance to access them, these documents are known simply as… The Leviathan Files.”

Average Length: Medium (45-90 minutes)