Three Brilliant Artists

//Three Brilliant Artists

Do you find yourself wishing that an artist would draw cool art of your RPG characters?

Or even wish that an artist would draw you a cool pic for your tumblr or twitter profile pic?

If you’re as obsessed with podcasts (or even a little bit) as I am, you’ll know that fan-art is a big part of the community. Fans are constantly drawing and submitting rad art to their favourite podcasts of the characters in the games.

Here are three amazing artists that not only do fan art in the community, but also do commissions!

Jess a.k.a. Angry Artist

Three Brilliant Artists: Jess - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsJess has a wide range of talents, from web comics to illustrations, she’s got it. Jess has recently received a lot of attention for a beautiful comic she did titled “Is This Healthy?“. “Is This Healthy” is a comic where she explores the idea of physical and emotional health as it relates to who she is. It was an extremely personal piece for her to share with the world and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

Jess is very active in the RPG podcast community, and is constantly putting out some really great artwork for Campaign Podcast.

Jess: Campaign Fan Art Jess: Campaign Fan Art

Jess has no problem nailing the personality of the characters in every piece she puts out. You can find Jess on Twitter and on Tumblr. If you love her, support her either by commissioning a piece or through her Patreon!

Carey Pietsch

Three Brilliant Artists: Carey - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsIf you haven’t heard of Carey yet, you should really check out her artwork. Carey has done illustrations for the comic Lumberjanes and also for the comic-version of Adventure Time! She also writes and draws her own comics as well.

Carey doesn’t fail to deliver to my fan-art needs for The Adventure Zone and Friends at the Table. She’s super active with both of these podcasts, and even designed a D&D tattoo for Travis McElroy from The Adventure Zone!


Carey: Friends at the Table Fan Art Carey: The Adventure Zone Fan Art

I love Carey’s colour choices and how she draws facial expressions. Especially when seeing her fan art for a podcast episode I just listened to, I feel like she’s nailed the emotion of the scene. You can find Carey on Twitter, Tumblr, and on her website.

Molly Ostertag

Three Brilliant Artists: Molly - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsMolly draws for the webcomic Strong Female Protagonist. Molly cares a lot about women in fiction and how they are portrayed and I feel that her art really reflects this.Molly: Strong Female Protagonist I’m always amazed at how much she can get across with either very little detail or with a lot of detail in such a small piece or panel.

Molly does a lot of fan art. Some of my favourite pieces of hers are art of Steven Universe, The Force Awakens, and, of course, for podcasts like The Adventure Zone. She even posts drawings she’s done of her own D&D campaign!

 Molly: The Adventure Zone Fan ArtMolly: Steven Universe Fan Art

Molly even recently did artwork for the Noisy Person Cards (NPC) game. Molly is really great, and I’m especially excited because one of my tabletop RPG groups has a commission with her right now! You can find Molly on Twitter, Tumblr, and on her website.


You can get cool artwork of yourself or of your characters super easily. The important thing is for you to find an artist that you love and that suits your style. So go ahead and do it!

Happy Gaming!

***Guess what? All the art posted here belongs to and is credited to the artists mentioned above.***