Weekly Roundup

//Weekly Roundup

It’s time for the Weekly Roundup on RPG Casts! We’re suggesting you listen to the following…

I’ll always recommend a lady. Here’s another inspirational one.

Cthulhu & Friends - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsVeronica (@TypicalVeronica on Twitter) is both GM and Producer for the popular Cthulhu & Friends! Veronica is a great storyteller and this is the creepy Call of Cthulhu actual-play podcast you want to be listening to.

“Cthulhu & Friends is a podcast! We play the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game using a modified version of the d20 system. Listen as we fight unimaginable beasties and try to maintain our very sanity!”

Into Dungeons and Dragons but prefer the 3.5 system?

Glass Cannon - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsCheck out The Glass Cannon. They’re using the Pathfinder (alternative to D&D 3.5) system by Paizo and running one of the pre-made adventure modules.

“In the spirit of old school D&D, a collection of 5 super-nerds engage in an Actual Play campaign of Paizo’s epic new adventure path, Giantslayer!”

Go for some High Fantasy!

Swallows of the South - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsAnd listen to Swallows of the South. Swallows of the South is an actual-play using the Exalted 3rd Edition system. This podcast is still early in their show, so hop on board!

“Swallows of the South is a lighthearted actual play podcast featuring San Diego area improvisors and creatives playing a long-form tabletop rpg campaign. The podcast presently features the Exalted 3rd edition system. This podcast focuses on the campaign storytelling format and so seeks to tell a continuous story.”

Have the Sci-Fi bug?

Red Shirt Down - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsCheck out Red Shirt Down‘s Star Wars actual play podcast, Beyond the Edge.

“The Red Shirt Down RPG Podcast is an actual play podcast. Each week, the crew gets together to play a tabletop Role playing game. We’ll be posting adventures recorded during those sessions and sharing them with you every Thursday.”

Happy Listening, chickadees!