Weekly Roundup

//Weekly Roundup

It’s time for the Weekly Roundup on RPG Casts! We’re suggesting you listen to the following…

So this week is all awesome women in podcasting.

Another phenomenal host:

Backstory - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsAlex (@muscularpikachu on Twitter) runs the podcast BACKSTORY, in which she interviews members in the RP community. Her interview style is relaxed and fun. Listen in!

BACKSTORY is an ongoing series of interviews with game designers and other notable members of the role-playing community, hosted by Alex Roberts. This show is all about the person behind the work: how did they get into gaming? Why did they start designing? What are they most excited about for the future? Alex loves getting to know people, and you’ll love coming along for the ride.

An entire group of women-only players:

Zero D20 - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsCheck out Zero D20. Zero D20 is a great actual-play D&D Podcast with all an-female cast. If you’re looking to listen to a great dynamic of women with fun voice-acting, check out this podcast.

The first ALL FEMALE PARTY real-play 5th Edition D&D podcast. Join Coco as Serafina the Tiefling Warlock, Alex as Eravan the High Elf Rogue, Keltie as Brilla the Halfling Monk and Jalyn as Kavra the Dragonborn Paladin as they wreck havoc on the town of Trintych and DM Jarrett.

Endless One-Shots, always hosted by a lady:

She's A Super Geek - RPG Casts | RPG Podcasts | Tabletop RPG PodcastsShe’s a Super Geek is one of my favourite actual play podcasts. Senda and Emily are always highlighting women as GMs. They showcase a variety of systems, making it impossible to stop listening to their show!

She’s a Super Geek is a live play RPG podcast hosted by Emily and Senda. What do we play? Well, honestly, whatever we feel like! It’s all about having fun. Alright, we do have one agenda item and it’s this: there are a lot of live play podcasts on the web these days.  But you know what sets us apart?  We’re showcasing women as GMs, and making sure our sound quality is the best that it can be!

Happy Listening, chickadees!