Essential NPCs


  "We create a weekly podcast sampling some of the best, and occasionally, some of the worst, tabletop RPGs. We felt we could fill the niche of narrative-centric, edited live-play RPG sessions of a variety of different game systems. And also give our opinions, tips and tricks, in the hopes of helping our listeners find a [...]

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Film Reroll


  "Film Reroll: We take famous movies and play through them as if they were a role playing game. Instead of all those pesky writers carefully crafting a plot, we let the dice decide and go from there. Inevitably it all goes completely off the rails. With Paulo Quiros, Jocelyn Vammer, Jon Miller and Pitr [...]

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Gosh Darn Fiasco


"Angela M. Webber (The Doubleclicks) and her friends from the world of gaming and comedy sit down to play a game of Fiasco, and improvise a brand-new story full of conflict, hilarity and almost certain death." Average Length: Long (90+ minutes)

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Fumbling & Mumbling


  "Fumbling & Mumbling: Delta Farce are a group of roleplayers based primarily in Cardiff in the UK. Once upon a time we were a face to face roleplaying group and have bumbled our way through a variety of different games. Disaster struck in 2014 when one of our players relocated to Canada; fortunately with the [...]

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Friends at the Table


"Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends." Average Length: Long (90+ minutes)

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Adventures from the Shed


  "Adventures From The Shed – A Tabletop RPG Podcast! We’re a group of people in our 20s, 30s, and 40s who wanted to get together and record our gaming sessions. We’ll be bringing you Adventure Podcasts, where you join us in our tabletop gaming session and travel along while we explore medieval fantasy worlds, vast [...]

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Wednesday Night Game


  "We have a lot of fun each week and we occasionally have guests on with us as well!  We typically give ourselves an R rating with a few routine trigger warnings for occasional graphic descriptions of violence, swearing, and some off-color comedy.  The whole group asks that, even though we want you to enjoy [...]

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The Drunk and The Ugly


  "Our currently posting campaigns are Fate Ascendant, which begins here, and Happiest Waste on Earth, which begins here. Set in the Old Republic setting of Star Wars, Fate Ascendant follows a group of motley heroes during the events of the Mandalorian Wars.  As the Republic struggles against the military machine of the Mandalorians, and the [...]

The Drunk and The Ugly 2017-08-31T16:25:34+00:00

You Don’t Meet In An Inn


"We play obscure RPGs on our podcast so that you can learn through our mistakes." Hosted by: Christine Blight and Austin Ramsay Average Length: Medium (45-90 minutes)  

You Don’t Meet In An Inn 2017-08-31T16:25:34+00:00



"Fandible is an Actual Play Role Playing Podcast, featuring weekly episodes of both one-shot and ongoing tabletop roleplaying games, as well as regular blog posts and additional podcasts about a variety of topics of interest to geeks of all stripes." Hosted by: Jesse Rodriguez Average Length: Long (90+ minutes)

Fandible 2017-08-31T16:25:35+00:00
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