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Insert Quest Here


  "[insert quest here] is an Australian based actual play podcast for table top role playing games. We hope to cover a lot of genres, as well as doing some things outside of actual plays. New podcasts are uploaded every Monday, Sydney time." Average Length: Long (90+ minutes)

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"When Odin saw that the Final Battle of the Geeks approached, he scoured the fields and fjords for the greatest nerds he could find. Each had knowledge of subjects arcane and abstruse; each knew the pleasures and the torments that a fiery passion inflicts. Perceiving these qualities in them, the Father of All armed the [...]

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Role Playing Public Radio


  "Role Playing Public Radio (RPPR) is an Ennie Award winning tabletop gaming podcast that offers advices for gamemasters and players, reviews, interviews with game designers, anecdotes, and more! It is hosted by Ross Payton and Tom Church. RPPR covers a wide variety of games and genres, from popular fantasy classics like Dungeons and Dragons [...]

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