The Redacted Files


  "The Redacted Files began with a group of people who met on Twitter brainstorming about a campaign based on the Pagan Publishing scenario PX Poker Night for the game Delta Green. What quickly developed was a project to podcast actual play sessions from a diverse set of campaigns and one-shot scenarios featuring some elements [...]

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One Shot


   "One Shot is a podcast dedicated to role playing games and the fascinating narratives that evolve out of them. every month, Game Master James D’Amato will guide a new group of players through a different one shot adventure." Hosted by: James D'Amato Average Length: Medium (45-90 minutes) Network Members: First Watch Back Story Modifier Critical [...]

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RPG Academy


"The RPG Academy Podcast is the flagship program of The RPG Academy Network. A collection of podcasts, blogs and RPG related sites that share a common vision about our hobby and the desire to bring more people to the table by being an ambassadorship for our hobby." Hosted by: Michael & Caleb Average Length: Medium (45-90 minutes) [...]

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