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GM Showcase


"GM Showcase is an actual play podcast, showcasing a different GM each month." Average Length: Medium (45-90 minutes)

GM Showcase 2017-08-31T16:25:20+00:00



"1d4cast is a round table discussion about RPGs of all types (tabletop, LARP, miniature, etc) and origins (Mainstream and Indie). In each episode, we aim to give advice as both players and game masters (DMs, STs, GMs, etc) that we have learned through trial and error with our own games. Our group is very diverse [...]

1d4cast 2017-08-31T16:25:20+00:00

Just One More Fix


"Join lifelong gamers James, Kurt, Lacey and guests around the table as they geek out about RPGs, gaming and gamer culture. Topics include game reviews, inspiration, scenario design and other aspects of great gaming." Average Length: Short (<45 minutes)

Just One More Fix 2017-08-31T16:25:20+00:00

Panda’s Talking Games


"Panda's Talking Games. This show takes a look at those questions we love to think about as GMs and Players, but with the perspective of someone who plays and runs a lot of One Shots (Senda from She's a Super Geek), and someone who runs a lot of campaigns (Phil from Misdirected Mark), to show [...]

Panda’s Talking Games 2017-08-31T16:25:20+00:00

Big Red Couch


"Have you ever wanted to get involved in running tabletop roleplaying games and thought “But I have no ideas!”? The Big Red Couch is designed to show exactly how easy it is to get from random notions that stick in your mind to playable concepts, all through the medium of the kind of casually weird [...]

Big Red Couch 2017-08-31T16:25:22+00:00



  "Join your hosts Alex Dufault and Nathan Ainsworth as they Delve into the mechanical side of games and gaming with an exploration of the choices designers make when creating your favorite games. They cover a broad spectrum of gaming, from boardgames to RPGs with interviews with up and coming game designers and pros alike." [...]

Delve 2017-08-31T16:25:22+00:00

Stories of the Fifth Age


  "A Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast for people who like to tell stories. Make your D&D Fifth Edition game richer and more engaging just based on what’s in the rulebooks." Average Length: Medium (45-90 minutes)

Stories of the Fifth Age 2017-08-31T16:25:22+00:00

Stop, Hack & Roll


"From homebrews to overhauls Stop, Hack & Roll is a podcast about pushing pen and paper games to their limits. Brandon and James sit down to talk about making games play the way you need them to rather than the other way around." Average Length: Medium (45-90 minutes)

Stop, Hack & Roll 2017-08-31T16:25:23+00:00

Total Party Thrill


"Total Party Thrill is a podcast for GMs and players where we discuss our campaigns in order to inspire yours. We draw heavily from a 3-year, level 1-20 D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) 5th Edition Eberron campaign. Each episode covers a particular aspect of game planning and playing, and we share tips and advice drawn from [...]

Total Party Thrill 2017-08-31T16:25:23+00:00

Weekly Roundup


For the inaugural Weekly Roundup on RPG Casts, we're suggesting you listen to the following! Looking for a lady host? You should be. They're inspirational and amazing. So go no further than Modifier! Not only does Modifier give some fantastic ideas on homebrews, but it also really focuses on how to drive your stories forward. If [...]

Weekly Roundup 2017-08-31T16:25:27+00:00
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